Hi, I'm Sua.


I’m a certified nutrition and wellness consultant. Together, with my clients, I design healthy lifestyles that are FUN and custom-tailored to feeding their glow.

I believe that women deserve amazing skin, a thriving body and an inspired life, while feeling excited and never restricted by their food or anything else.

When I moved to NYC for a new job in the fashion industry, my health and skin issues began to negatively affect my life. 

My job was new and exciting, my life was filled with new friends and a fun social life, but as the years passed, I began to experience anxiety, severe brain fog, lethargy and skin issues I'd never experienced before.

I started thinking less and less about what I was eatingmaking unhealthy choicesall to make room for my busy lifestyle.

I wasted time and money on solutions that simply didn't work. I knew deep within my core that conventional methods with drugs wasn't the right approach for me and intuitively felt my body calling me to a different path.

From there, I started educating myself in holistic nutrition. I was determined and dedicated to healing my body the natural way, to create long-term, positive change.

After a few weeks of eating real, whole foods, practicing self-care and fully embracing a new lifestyle, I started to look and feel better—and more myself—grounded, balanced and happier.

My skin cleared up, I slimmed down, I had tons more energy, my eyes were brighter—but most importantly, I began to cherish my body for the first time in my life.

I rewrote my healthy story, overcame obstacles and broke out of unhealthy holding patterns, and my passion ever since has been helping women, like you, do the same.

With lots of love,