Baked zucchini chips are perfect for snacking... and you can eat a ton of them guilt-free. Though they take a while to bake, it's well worth the wait.

When I first attempted to make these, I was totally in a snack rut. I'd been eating the same, boring snacks for a while until I discovered my love for veggie chips - kale, brussels sprouts, sweet potato...

Then I decided, why not zucchini chips? It's one of my favorite vegetables.

Two words: incredibly delicious.

They're super crispy, unbelievably addicting and super satisfying. And they can be seasoned to your preference. 

This is a must-try!

A couple of things to note: 

- Using a mandoline will make your life easier. If the zucchini slices are consistent in size, they'll bake and get crispy around the same time. The first time I made these chips, I was taking 3-4 chips out at a time, which made the whole process super laborious..

- Don't increase the heat. It has to bake at a low temperature to get that perfect crisp. You don't want your chips to come out burnt, uneven or chewy.

- These crispy chips can be stored in an airtight container for around a week, but I tend to polish them off within a couple of days :)

Comment below with questions! I hope you love these chips as much as I do!